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You'll receive a signed copy of The Markings—a young adult dystopian fantasy novel. 

(Book #1 in The Markings trilogy) *NOTE: THIS LISTING IS FOR THE NEW COVER and is a Pre-order. Orders will not ship until MAY 2024*

All orders will include a bookmark and a character art print!

About the book: 

"It is day 2,436 of being in this prison with my mother and younger brother."


Sentenced to death, a future is something Adaline never dreamed of. On Dather, an island once known as Oahu, Hawaii, King Renon enslaves the gifted and kills off the useless. When the day of her mother's execution arrives, Adaline discovers she's been a gifted in hiding all this time.


Now it's not a matter of life or death, but freedom or enslavement.


Aided by her best friend and an disloyal officer, Adaline runs from King Renon and the prison cell where she grew up. In an attempt to find a safe haven for the gifted, Adaline uncovers a family secret her father orchestrated.


A secret that will change their entire world.


"My brain sees him as a threat, as the enemy, a guard at the castle, but my heart feels he is a friend. The question is, which one is right?"

About the author: 

Catherine Downen is a Young Adult author in both fantasy and contemporary romance. She graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, Catherine is working as an engineer in St. Louis while writing her books.

The Markings

May 2024

Signed copy of The Markings.

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