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You'll receive a signed copy of Shattered Visions—a young adult dystopian fantasy novel.

(Book #3 in The Markings Trilogy) 

All orders will include a bookmark and a character art print!

About the book: 

“I am strong. I am a warrior. I am a survivor. I am not done fighting.”


TRUST WITH THE LIBERTAS ARMY HAS BEEN LOST, and Adaline must find a way to fix what Zavy has destroyed. Back on Dather, on the enemy’s land, Adaline and Alexander struggle to reunite their army and fight off the looming threat of war. But they are out of time. The war is here and the broken army must come together if there is any chance of a victory against King Renon and his commander, Paylon.


However, being back on Dather bears more than the threat of war. Old memories – and enemies – resurface as Adaline fights for the freedom she’s always longed for.


And amidst the fighting, the betrayal, and the loss, Adaline cannot stop thinking about her father’s vision. The one that saw her crumbling into the cliffside and plummeting to her death. But is the future truly out of Adaline’s control, or is her fate still to be determined?


In this gripping and powerful final installment, join Adaline as she fights for her freedom against the tyrant king and her father’s proclaimed future.


“You are not defined by your blood, but what you do with it.”

About the author: 

Catherine Downen is a Young Adult author in both fantasy and contemporary romance. She graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, Catherine is working as an engineer in St. Louis while writing her books.

Shattered Visions


Signed copy of Shattered Visions.

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