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You'll receive a signed copy of Ending In Cadence—a young adult portal fantasy novel.

(Book #1 in the Ending in Cadence duology) 

All orders will include a bookmark and a character art print! Hardcovers will include the pictured under the jacket art.  

About the book: 

Growing up, Ash Bane and his sister had one rule to follow when they visited their grandma: never enter her art studio.

An odd rule, if you asked Ash, but when he finds himself staring at the painting his sister vanished into, it doesn’t seem all that odd.

Determined to save her, Ash and his best friend follow her through the painting.

But travelers are not welcome in this new world, and they must find a way home before the villainous lord has them executed for trespassing.

Emma Delaney, a fierce and spunky scrapyard worker native to this new land, holds the key to their return. An ancient card game filled with mysterious riddles will lead them to a hidden portal, but only if they’re brave enough to play the game.

Solving life threatening puzzles, fighting magical beasts, and running from the lord’s patrol, may be the least of Ash’s concerns when his heart betrays him, and Ash Bane and Emma Delaney find a love that spans worlds.

Are you ready to play Ending in Cadence?

Let’s begin.

About the author: 

Catherine Downen is a Young Adult author in both fantasy and contemporary romance. She graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, Catherine is working as an engineer in St. Louis while writing her books.

Ending In Cadence


Signed copy of Ending in Cadence. 

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