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You'll receive a signed copy of Don't Read the Last Page—a young adult winter romance.

All orders will include a bookmark!

About the book: 
How many chances does love get?


Penny Wilson never wanted to breakup with Christopher, but when she’s whisked away to college by her controlling best friend, Penny says goodbye to her hometown in Colorado and the boy her heart never wanted to leave.


Christopher Samson was the star of the basketball team, but his passion has always been photography. Now taking classes at the local community college, Christopher tries to heal his broken heart through his art.


When Penny decides to come home and take a semester off from school, her world crosses paths with Christopher, bringing them back together where it all ended the first time. A photography contest makes the ex-lovers partners once again. It’s only supposed to be five photos, but each picture they take—each second they spend together—reopens old memories and feelings.


Somehow, Penny’s quiet visit home with her family has turned into nights at her favorite diner with Christopher, photo shoots at the hot springs, and slow dances under the stars. Knowing she’s supposed to return to college in California that fall, Penny and Christopher walk a fragile line of reigniting their relationship and threatening another heartbreak.


Penny came home to rethink her future, not to fall back in love with Christopher, but for that to happen, she would have had to stop loving him in the first place.


"I know I’ve been here before. I’ve lived these pages with him already. It feels like I’m rereading our story, but this time, I won’t read the last page."

About the author: 

Catherine Downen is a Young Adult author in both fantasy and contemporary romance. She graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, Catherine is working as an engineer in St. Louis while writing her books.

Don't Read the Last Page


Signed copy of Don't Read the Last Page.

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