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You'll receive a signed copy of Crowning Keys—a young adult dystopian fantasy novel.

(Book #2 in The Markings Trilogy) 

All orders will include a bookmark and a character art print!

About the book: 

“Just know that without any of them, there is no me, and there is no key.”


ADALINE HAS REACHED LIBERTAS, but it isn't the freedom she had imagined. A war is brewing between the gifted and the non-gifted, a line of separation that is slowly crumbling away.


Adaline and Alexander must learn how to use their gifts to fulfill the prophecy that declares them the saviors. But there is so much Adaline doesn't know about her past and her future. While she feels in control of her actions, she soon learns that she's at the will of another one of her father's plans.


In this thrilling and emotional sequel, Adaline rises to her new titles. The Princess of Libertas and the Savior of The Gifted.


"Maybe it’s in our blood to be fighters, but maybe we’ve never known to be anything else."

About the author: 

Catherine Downen is a Young Adult author in both fantasy and contemporary romance. She graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, Catherine is working as an engineer in St. Louis while writing her books.

Crowning Keys


Signed copy of Crowning Keys.

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